Tuesday, December 9, 2014

六曜(ろくよう) Lucky date calendar.

Hello This is Murasaki Japanese Institute.

We have comment about Facebook article, so we would like to introduce Japanese (Chinese Origin) Calendar, 六曜(ろくよう)

先勝(せんしょう) Morning is lucky

友引(ともびき) Morning and evening is lucky, but noon is bad. 
             It is good day to hold a wedding party 
             because this letter means pulling your friends. 
             Therefore you have to hesitate to hold a funeral.
              90% of Japanese believe this when you hold a funeral.

先負(せんぷ)Afternoon is lucky.

仏滅(ぶつめつ)All day long is bad luck. 
            80% of Japanese try to hesitate to hold a happy event like wedding, 
            so, a lot of hotel offer half price or good discount if you hold a wedding party.

大安(たいあん)All day long is good luck. A lot of people try to hold a wedding party this day.

赤口(しゃっこう)Bad luck day except noon.


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