Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Onsen, hot spring in Nagano

Hello. This is Murasaki Japanese Institute.

Today, I would like to introduce onsen, hot spring in Nagano.
I think Onsen reminds you Hakone or Beppu in Fukuoka, however, there are a lot of onsen in middle of Hoshu like Nagano, Yamanashi prefecture.
Nagano is mountains area. You can enjoy nature green, autumn leaves, hiking and onsen.

There are many big onsen towns and small onsen towns. You can find information about big onsen towns in a lot of website like;

This is very nice website about Nagano.

This time, I would like to pick up a small onsen town, Yamada onsen. It is small town which has less than 5 ryokan, Japanese style inn, but, their hospitality is so nice.
For example, they has free bus tour in the morning to see Autumn leaves, beautiful water falls etc.
This is the picture to see one of the water falls.

And in another water falls, you can see it from back side of it.
There is a cave and you can go through it.

You can taste nice sake in dinner time.

They have big bath and small private bath which you can make reservation and use private 30 minutes. The view from there is so nice, autumn leaves etc.

Next day, they send you to Obuse station. You can enjoy Obuse town. 
There are a good path to walk around,

And there are nice restaurant;

Kamo nanban, backwheat noodle with duck meat,

Tofu full course lunch,
There are the tomb of Masanori Fukushima. He was one of samurai who was in the service of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Enjoy your trip in Nagano!

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