Monday, March 11, 2013

Izakaya (居酒屋)

What do you come to mind to hear Japanese food? Sushi, Tenpura, Sukiyaki, Shabushabu? These Japanese food is very popular between foreigners.

However, do you know what Japanese basically eat at home? 

You can notice there are many kinds of restaurants, especially in Tokyo. Tokyo is famous as one of gastronomic city. We can eat French, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Korean cuisines other than Japanese food.

If you want to try Japanese food and search a Japanese restaurant on the Internet, you can find Tonkatu-ya(flied poke), Udon (noodles by wheat flour) and Izakaya which is restaurant we can eat many kinds of Japanese cuisine and drink Japanese Sake.

Actually, if you tell me you want to enjoy Japanese food, I recommend Izaka-ya because you can enjoy a lot kinds of Japanese cuisine little by little. For example, Yakizakana(baked fish with a salt), Nikujaga(cooked beef, potato, carrot and onion by boiling), Edamame(soybeans in the pod) and Yakitori( grilled chicken over charcoal fire with salt or source). Moreover, you can enjoy Japanese Sake also. Please try it.


日本料理ときいて何を思い出しますか? 寿司?天婦羅(てんぷら)? すき焼き? これらの日本料理は外国人にとても人気ですよね。


みなさん、たくさんの種類のレストランがあるのに気づくでしょう。東京は特に! 東京は、世界でも有名な、グルメ都市です。 日本料理以外にも、フランス料理やら、イタリア料理やら、中華料理、タイ料理、韓国料理などなど。 





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