Monday, March 18, 2013

Please note slippers! (日本ではスリッパにご注意!)

The Japanese take off their shoes when they up to the house. And they wear slippers for indoor use that are available. Please do not enter the house with wearing shoes.

Since old times, Japanese houses consist of tatami rooms. The tatami room means the room carpeted with straw mat. Japanese people take off their slippers, when entering a tatami room. In the latest Japan, the life style of the European and American type increased. So, the rooms which have carpeted on the tatami besides a Western type living room also increased in number. In that case, it is not necessary to take off slippers. Japanese people are wearing slippers in rooms other than the tatami room.

Japanese people change into the slippers only for a toilet, when going into a toilet. Also, when they are out of the toilet, they change into slippers for indoor wear again. Because there are many foreigners forgetting this, please be careful. It is hated by Japanese people of the house when you come back to the room with wearing the slippers only for a toilet.

Please respect the lifestyle of each country, and make many friends who invite you to their home.






-----  Wriiten by Mori-sensei in Murasaki Japanese Institute

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