Wednesday, May 8, 2013

“Nommunication” in Japanese-English words 和製英語「ノミニケーション」

- It was such meaning!  Entertainment and social expenses in Japanese economy society -

Although the taxes are the duty of the citizen, no one wants to pay a lot of taxes.
As you know, the taxes are imposed to the profit which deducted expenses from the income.

In order to enlarge the profit, the income must be increased and expenses must be reduced. As the result, naturally the taxes increase.
However, everyone wants to reduce taxes.
Therefore companies thought that increasing expenses is better than paying taxes, if expenses are the cost for the larger business.
But it is not easy to find out expenses for doing business more greatly.
Then they thought that it was better to use expenses for their own eating and drinking.
This is the expense called entertainment and social expenses in Japanese economy society.

Originally, the entertainment and social expenses is the cost for increasing new customers or making relations with important customers continue indefinitely satisfactorily.
Especially it is the indispensable cost for medium and small-sized companies.

Of course, the authorities of the side, who collect taxes, made a tax law not to accept the entertainment and social expenses of big companies except the medium and small-sized companies at all as an expense.
Therefore, in the case of big companies, their taxes also increase according to the entertainment and social expenses that they spent.
Nevertheless, the big companies are still using the entertainment and social expenses a lot.

In the background, we can see that even the big companies, called excellent company, have been held down their employee's salary to the level low as not the countervalue of work but wages for living.

On the other hand, the bigger right for spending entertainment and social expenses was given to the superior employees, who always contribute to the company, in order to cover their salary.
And employees have been forced to compete with their colleagues in order to win a promotion.
So, the superior businessmen have been able to spend the entertainment and social expenses a lot.

But, they feel diffident about spending the entertainment and social expenses, i.e., the cost of their company, only for themselves.
So they have devised a good reason as Just cause that they spend it in order to facilitate communication with their colleagues.

"Nommunication" as Japanese-English word was born from the above-mentioned circumstances.
This is the compound word which “Communication” combined with "Nomu" of the meaning of drinking alcohol in Japanese.
Furthermore, the concept, that "Home" and "Work" which they drink with their colleagues were opposed to each other, was also born, because families can seldom enjoy this benefit.

It is thought that this system was one of the driving forces that developed the economy of Japan greatly.
However, in order to maintain this system, lifetime employment system is required as a premise.

Now, the new times have already come.
The lifetime employment system in Japan is collapsing during “Lost 20 years”, and companies are required to build a new system.

From now on, if you meet a businessman spending the entertainment and social expenses a lot, you should think that his company has no power corresponding to the new era.

-----  by Mori-sensei MJI.

― そうだったのか!日本の交際費(こうさいひ) ―












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