Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Difference between restaurant called “Ryotei” and another restaurant called “Ryoriya” 料亭(りょうてい)と料理屋(りょうりや)、どこが違(ちが)う?

There are the Ryotei and the Ryoriya those are the places entertaining guests cordially with the highest quality and was raised to a refined culture in Japan.
Have you ever enjoyed the Ryotei or the Ryoriya? If so, congratulation! You are a VIP.

The Ryotei is a first-class Japanese-style restaurant where party games with geishas are available, and the general common people can rarely use it.
The exclusive mindedness of the Ryotei is similar to it of the Members Club in the West.
No one can use the Ryotei without the introduction of a regular customer in addition to the approval of the proprietress.

However, the Ryotei is totally different from the Members Club or the finest restaurant in the West.
If some troubles occur, the person who introduced the person who caused the trouble has to take all the responsibility.
In addition, exchanges with other regular customers are not allowed without the approval of the proprietress.

That is, the greatest difference from the Members Club is the confidentiality.
For example, there is no situation where a regular customer and his guests run into other regular customers in a restroom absolutely.
So, many politicians and business leaders who need to talk about serious secret issues use the Ryotei.
In other words, The Ryotei is the room-to-let business supported by trust and reliance.

The Ryoriya which is also called Kappo-Ryotei is a Japanese-style cooking restaurant like the Ryotei.
Kappo” means cooking.
The Ryoriya employs cooks by oneself, so they can provide the Japanese-style dish of the highest grade according to capricious taste of their regular customers.
To employ cooks or not to employ cooks, this is the only one difference between Ryoriya and Ryotei.
So, if you are particular about cuisine, you are better to use a Ryoriya.

When you foreigners in Japan would like to experience a Ryoriya or Ryotei, I would like to recommend consulting with the concierge of a five-star hotel or a big tour company.
In addition, please be prepared about 50,000 yen for the budget per person.
Of course, I think that you can enjoy their dish and atmosphere at a lower rate if you do not call a geisha, though I cannot guarantee.

-----  by Mori-sensei MJI.







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  1. Wow, I didn't know that.
    It is important to know about Ryotei(料亭) and Ryoriya(料理屋) when you do business entertainment in Tokyo.