Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Please enjoy the jam-packed train in Japan. 満員電車(まんいんでんしゃ)を楽しみなさい。

It’ the best school to get to know Japanese people

I am sure that you had thought a jam-packed train in the morning was to be a joke until you came to Japan.
I think that there are many foreigners who cannot stand a jam-packed train of the morning.

If you have not experienced a jam-packed train yet, please try to get on a train at about 8:00 from 7:30 a.m. on weekdays, because there are many companies which start work at 9:00 a.m. You can watch a strange sight.

Anthropologist Edward T. Hall defines the personal space as a distance that people feel uncomfortable when approached by others.
Though the personal space of Japanese people is longer than its average of the world, Japanese people get on a jam-packed train which is terribly overcrowded while maintaining order,.

At the platform, they always wait for a train in a queue in good order even when however crowded terribly.
And some people who think that it’s difficult to get on the train due to a terrible rush stand in a line for a next train orderly.

In the train, you can watch various Japanese people as follows.
Some persons are sleeping while leaning on others.
Though there is not space reading a newspaper at all, some businessmen are reading a newspaper desperately.

By observing them carefully, you can enjoy a game which you imagine that this person’s job may be finance or that person may be going to get off at Kasumigaseki station and so on.

Please enjoy the jam-packed train in Japan.
It’s very helpful school to get to know Japanese people.

-----  by Mori-sensei MJI.









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