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<明月院(めいげついん) Meigetsuin >

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This time, Our teacher Yada-sensei wrote about Kamakura.
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Please enjoy our ariticle;

明月院(めいげついん) Meigetsuin

六月(ろくがつ)梅雨(つゆ)季節(きせつ)です。梅雨(つゆ)はあじさいがとてもきれいな季節(きせつ)です。ところで鎌倉(かまくら)明月院(めいげついん) というお(てら)()ってますか。


June is "tsuyu" or the rainy season.  Hydrangeas which is called "ajisai" in Japanese are very beautiful during the rainy season. 

Have you heard of ‘Meigetsuin’ in Kamakura?
This temple is called ‘hydrangea temple’ (あじさい寺) due to the large amount of hydrangeas. Right now is the best time to see them.




The history of this temple is very long and was founded in 1160.

You can see the biggest ‘Yagura’ cave which also served as a tomb in Kamakura.



 You can also enjoy the stone garden in Meigetsuin. The garden represents the idea of  ‘Zen world’
本堂(ほんどう)の後ろ(うしろ)に月の形をした 窓(まど)があります。
明月院(めいげついん)という 名前が 明るい(あかるい)月 という言葉(ことば)から来ているので、 形(かたち)が 月のように 丸いです。 後ろにある 庭(にわ)の景色(けしき)を 縁取って(ふちどって)います。
In the back of the main hall, you can see the moon window.
"Meigetsu" means bright moon in Japanese. Due to the temple's name, a few windows are sheaped like the moon.
 It frames the scenery of the inner garden behind it.
We have a lot of rain now, but hydrangeas look livelier and brighter when they are wet. Even if it rained, you would have a lot of fun visiting Kamakura.

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