Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is playing golf your business? -ゴルフは仕事?

Hello. Tokyo is in the rainy season.
This week, our teacher Ozaki-sensei wrote about Japanese businessmen's custom.

We have a lot of business Japanese lesson in Tokyo area.

Anyway, enjoy this week article!


Is playing golf your business?

Japanese businessmen often go with their business partners and play golf their weekends.

In particular, the people who is in charge of the Sales play golf quite often. I also had to go more than ten times especially in spring and autumn.

Companies pay the money as "an entertainment expense", but I had to count playing golf as a holiday.

When I went, I understood it was somewhere between work and play.  

For the person that likes golf, it is fun, but is painful when it is not so.

As for me, I enjoyed golf very much. The beer was delicious after golf.

The reason why there is such a custom in Japan is because golf is very popular and age is no barrier to play.

Japanese businessmen make friends by playing golf and can make good relations to be able to talk about things smoothly.

What do you think of this custom in Japan?

Do you have such a custom in your country?







あなたはこの習慣どう思いますか? あなたの国でもこのような習慣がありますか?


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