Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Geisha’s spirit 芸妓(げいこ)の心意気(こころいき)

Mrs. Mineko Iwasaki, a famous Geisha who has already retired, has written several autobiography.
In her autobiography, I found out a good story to be very helpful in order to understand the Geisha. I would like to introduce the story so.

Is that a millionaire, who was one of the regular customers, offered to give her an apartment as a present. It was the good old days.

In the present age, it is unthinkable to give a woman an apartment as a present, but it is not at all an exaggerated story, because when I lived in Taiwan in old days, the Japanese businessman leaving his family behind normally went back to Japan after giving his local wife an apartment as a gift.
There is no doubt that an apartment is an exceptional gift of course.

At that time, she refused to say "Because it is not gift-wrapped present, I don’t want it”, and she has never received any lavish and excessive gifts.
This interesting story shows just the Geisha’s spirit like Chivalry.
Geisha are good at catch of talk and they are the cultured professionals who entertain guests cordially with the highest quality and treat guests with consideration.

Karyukai is not the closed place where only a man plays.
"Members only" is a mere entrance into the pleasure quarters entertaining guests cordially with the highest quality.
It means that go through a procedure to have the Kryukai’s understand that you are a trustworthy person without any problems.

Using a lot of money may not necessarily go well to entertain important customers.
Please try once to experience geisha play.
No problem even if you are not good at Japanese.

-----  by Mori-sensei MJI.







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