Saturday, May 17, 2014

Please visit to Todai festival 東大五月祭

In this week-end May 17th Sat.& 18th Sun., Tokyo University School Festival "五月祭" is held at Hongo Campus 本郷キャンパス.
My son manages a cotton candy stand there "綿菓子屋".
Its name is "東大イーグルス Todai Eagles".
If you have a time, please visit the scool festival and find out the 東大イーグルス
cotton candy stand.
then, please ask there my son's last name "ほかぞのくん いますか?".
If he is there and you buy a cotton candy, he can introduce to you some nice university students, pretty girls or nice boys whichever you would like.
But this special service is only for 外国人. 日本人はないです。

Anyway, there are many interesting exhibition and planning, Robo-Tech, Science show, Mock trial, music and dancing, and so on.
please visit to Todai festival 東大五月祭.

By Yayoi-sensei

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