Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tea ceremony event at Murasaki Japanese Insititute on May 17th.

Hello. This is Murasaki Japanese Insitute. 

We had tea ceremony event on May 17th.

May   17         
 Tea ceremony 12:00-13:00 

1000JPY with tea and sweets

The tea ceremony master, Shimono-sensei came to our school.

She showed the tea ceremony and  explained the philosophy of tea ceremony, too.

She is in Fushinan-ryu in Omotesenke, a school of Japanese tea ceremony.

We had 5 members for the first ceremony at 12:00

At first, we prepared.

You see this picture that the master, Shimono-sensei

was preparing tea powder.

Tea ceremony was ready!

Let’s start!

We ate sweets at first.

You might think you eat sweets WITH tea, but at the tea ceremony, you eat sweets at first and you drink tea, because the sweets make your mouth nice for tea. Then, you can enjoy the tea.

There were hand-made one. Dried vegetables preserved in sugar. Fuki; a kind of rhubarb, Renkon; lotus root. They were very nice. Also, we had beautiful shaped one which was signed May.

The master explained how to hold a cup.

You use both hand.

The person who offer tea give you a cup which is set front side to the guest. The guest needs to turn a cup to avoid to use front side.

They were practicing:-)

The master explained about tea ceremony philosophy.
It was interesting.
She told us about Kakejiku; the hanging scroll which was written “Ichigo ichi e”
I will write about that philosophy later.
Then, she explained about flowers and tools.
We heard how to enjoy tools.
For example, she explained about Chashaku; tea spoon. She brought nice one which has a great history. It was made by the pine tree wood which had been planted in the temple where Senno Rikyu(千利休) and Toyotomi Hideyoshi(豊臣秀吉) had enjoyed tea and Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s sleeve had touched.
That is why the pine tree was called “Sode suri no matsu”(Sleeve touched pine tree.)

She also explained about sparrow shaped incense case. Sparrow is simple of nature and farming. Old Japanese people had been growing rice and Sparrow had been there.

After that, we had a question “cups of green tea had been bitter, but today’s tea is not bitter. It is nice. Why is that?”
The master answered “Because of the mind. Today, you heard about tea ceremony philosophy. That is why you could enjoy the tea.”

I see!!

We had one more ceremony at 1pm. It was also very nice.

We will have events like this.

July    18, 19, 20, 21   MANGA Japanese Course
Let’s study through MANGA!
You will study real pop sentence, vocabulary.
August   30       Japanese calligraphy      
October 18        reading Haruki Murasaki in Japanese.

We are planning Kimono wearing one day lesson etc

We will announce it as soon as we decide.

 If you are interested in our school events.
All people include foreign people and Japanese welcome!!
Please contact us through our website or Facebook page

Thank you very much for reading.

By Murasaki

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