Friday, August 8, 2014

Japanese calligraphy workshop schedule and Typeface

今日(きょう)のブログは、習字(しゅうじ)イベントの詳細(しょうさい)について 書体(しょたい)について です。

Today’s blog is about our Japanese calligraphy workshop schedule and typeface.

Japanese calligraphy workshop :
August 30th (Sat.) 13:00-15:00
(no entrance restriction) JPY1000
You can take your Shuji writings home as a souvenir.

Japanese letter has mainly five typefaces, tensho-tai (seal script), reisho-tai (clerical script), kaisho-tai (regular script), sosho-tai (cursive script) and gyosho-tai (semi-cursive script).
In addition, there are a lot of font types, such as mincho-tai (Ming-style typeface), goshikku-tai (Gothic typeface) and kyokasho-tai (textbook typeface).

Tensho-tai (seal script) : Japanese use this typeface for はんこ(seal) now.

Reisho-tai (clerical script) : The right side of the below picture is reisho-tai (clerical script).

Kaisho-tai (regular script) : The left side of the above picture is kaisho-tai (regular script). Japanese use this typeface now.
Sosho-tai (cursive script) : The number of strokes are left out in order to bat out.

Gyosho-tai (semi-cursive script) : This typeface is middle between kaisho-tai (regular script) and sosho-tai (cursive script).


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