Monday, August 4, 2014

Shuji (Japanese Calligraphy) Event etc.

Hello! This is Murasaki Japanese Institute.

今日のブログは、習字(しゅうじ)について と むらさきジャパニーズのスペシャルイベントについて です。

Today's blog is about Shuji (Japanese calligraphy) and our special events in this summer and autumn.

At first, we introduce our special events in this summer and autumn.

◎August 30th (Sat.) Shuji (Japanese calligraphy)

◎September 27th (Sat.) Kimono-wearing

◎October 18th (Sat.) Reading the original Japanese version of Haruki Murakami

We're going to put the details on Web later.

In calligraphy, we use 筆(ふで brush), 墨(すみ ink), 硯(すずり ink stone), 文鎮(ぶんちん paper weight), 下敷き(したじき desk pad) and 習字紙(しゅうじがみ Shuji paper)

Most Japanese people study 習字(しゅうじ) at elementary schools.
But a lot of Japanese are not good at 習字(しゅうじ), because they seldom use 筆(ふで) now.

There is an unique 習字(しゅうじ) convention. It's called "書道(しょどう Japanese calligraphy) パフォーマンス(performance) 選手権(championship)"
On the huge  習字紙(しゅうじがみ Shuji paper), performers do 習字(しゅうじ) with dance.
It's interesting!

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